New Medical Hosting And DNS Service Launches May 2021

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Medical Hosting Australia – Medical Web Hosting and Domain Names

DNS Australia and Domain Registration DNS combined has decided to finally make the move to branch out into the healthcare and medical industry. Australia does not have a whole lot of choice when it comes to selecting a dedicated medical web hosting service. In fact when searching within some of the largest well known search engines such Bing, Yahoo and Google their does not seem to be much choice in respect to a dedicated healthcare hosting and domain name service specifically targeted to cater for this industry. Healthcare and it’s related technolgies has boomed over the past 5 years and especially since the introduction of the Covid-19 virus into our daily lives. It’s been identifed that the need for storing and hosting medical data remotly in the cloud has greatly increased since the covid outbreak therefore preperations are underway to lauch our new arm “Medical Hosting Australia” which aims to deliver cost effective secure web hosting, virtual private servers, online cloud storage and DNSSEC enabled private DNS servers that will complies with the Australian privacy act.

In todays world healthcare providers really need to have a website for their medical practice or healthcare company. Medical practice websites is how you publish information about yourself, the different conditions that you are treating and your practice which is the best way for patients and future patients to easily communicate healthcare providers online.

Our new Medical Hosting and DNS service is designed to focus on.

1. Resources and Features Necessary to Support a Healthcare Service
2. Fast Load Speeds
3. Fast Data Storage Speeds
4. High Level of Security
5. Auditing Capabilities
6. SSL Encryption
7. Domain Privacy
8. Domain locking
9. Secure DNS (DNSSEC)
10. Virtual Private Servers