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Our Usage Agreement | Legal Disclaimer

At current this site and its relative services are in an experimental & pilot phase.
We do not offer any kind of uptime guarantee or service level agreements to our users however you may wish to continue using our great free Australian DNS service at your own discretion and risk. We are not responsible for any down time that the end user or organisation may experience due to the experimental pilot phase we are in.
Our aim is to provide our users SLAs and uptime guarantees in the very near future.
We invite you to keep using our DNS servers as this will help us scale our server loads over time and understand future requirements
In the meantime. Please enjoy our fast, free DNS servers.
Our DNS servers are used for personal learning, testing and gaming! However you may wish to use our DNS on your personal device as the DNS servers are public facing.
We “DO NOT” log, track or record any of your personal internet usage. Just like Cloudflare. We only store DNS cache which is TTL limited.
Using our free public facing fast DNS services means that your ISP and other free public facing DNS servers such as Googles & cannot keep track of your internet browsing via DNS records. Services such as Google DNS and your ISP keeps logs of your DNS requests. And can possibly sometimes use this information for personal targeted advertising which has just been seen in the media!

When changing to use our great public DNS resolver service on PC or windows laptop. Please insure to flush your current DNS cache via a CMD prompt using the following command. IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
If you are using any other mobile device or gaming console. Please restart your device after entering in our DNS servers. Please insure to select the DNS servers that are closest to you or in your state. For extra DNS redundancy you may wish to use the Primary DNS server in your state. And set your Alternate/Secondary DNS server to the DNS IP address of the next closest state. This will give you what we call Data Center Redundancy even though we already have IP fail over enabled giving you that extra layer of downtime protection!

Current uptime – 99.99 % Over 100 Days

No scheduled maintenance planned.
Check back here for scheduled maintenance and unexpected downtime.

How to set the DNS server IP addresses on your PC, Laptop or server


Step 1:

To get a faster internet speed using DNS Australia’s fastest Open DNS servers, open Control panel.



Step 2:

Go to Network and Internet options

Step 3:

Now click on Network and Sharing Center.

Step 4:

Click on your Internet Connection and then click on Properties.



Step 5:

Click the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.



Melbourne Core


Sydney Core


Your setup and ready to go!



Melbourne DNS CORE


Brisbane DNS Core

Click here to view our Master DNS servers

Enjoy your faster browsing speeds!!! Pages will now load faster, smoother and more secure
(This does not Increase your download speeds. This if for faster page loading times.

Click here to view our Master DNS servers
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Legendary Australian Anycast DNS resolvers

  • Load Balancing Server:
  • Network Link: 1000Mbps
  • NEXTDC Data Centre | Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane
  • Load Balacing | Perth | Hobart |
  • Operating System: Windows 2012 / 2019 Enterprise Server/s | Linux Distributions
  • Simple DNS Plus 3rd Party DNS Server
  • Windows DNS
  • Routing: Cisco


a.root-servers.net198.41.0.4, 2001:503:ba3e::2:30VeriSign, Inc.
b.root-servers.net199.9.14.201, 2001:500:200::bUniversity of Southern California (ISI)
c.root-servers.net192.33.4.12, 2001:500:2::cCogent Communications
d.root-servers.net199.7.91.13, 2001:500:2d::dUniversity of Maryland
e.root-servers.net192.203.230.10, 2001:500:a8::eNASA (Ames Research Center)
f.root-servers.net192.5.5.241, 2001:500:2f::fInternet Systems Consortium, Inc.
g.root-servers.net192.112.36.4, 2001:500:12::d0dUS Department of Defense (NIC)
h.root-servers.net198.97.190.53, 2001:500:1::53US Army (Research Lab)
i.root-servers.net192.36.148.17, 2001:7fe::53Netnod
j.root-servers.net192.58.128.30, 2001:503:c27::2:30VeriSign, Inc.
k.root-servers.net193.0.14.129, 2001:7fd::1RIPE NCC
l.root-servers.net199.7.83.42, 2001:500:9f::42ICANN
m.root-servers.net202.12.27.33, 2001:dc3::35WIDE Project