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Private I.T

Private I.T

Private I.T formally known as a Melbourne based computer repair business has converted over to writing and blogging about all things technology.

You will great information regarding web hosting, domain names, general Australian Information Technology, international technology and even where to find I.T based work Australian wide.
This is a blog to keep an eye on in the future.

Private I.T is now a small group of technology geeks on the look for new an exciting information within the technology markets.

Looking for a job?
The Private I.T website has come up with a list of what they regard as the top 20 I.T recruitment agencies in Australia.
The head editor. Mr. Giannelis has been working in Melbourne as an I.T contractor for the past 20 years and has passed through and expeirenced what its like to work for some of the companies. So we are sure his list of top agencies is stop on.

If your looking for some interesting reads regarding the latest industry trends we highly suggest you head over to