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Australian Public DNS Resolver Servers

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What is DNS?

DNS – Domain Name System (Service/Server) – is something that converts your domain names into IP addresses in order to visit websites based on the alphabetical name instead of remembering its numeric IP address. This is how the internet works. Your ISP automatically assigns your internet connection a DNS server. You can change your computer, laptop or computer networks DNS to our servers for faster performance and higher levels of security stopping a virus before it reaches your device

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a central part of the Internet, providing a way to translate a domain name for a website you’re seeking into a numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address. Anything connected to the Internet – laptops, tablets, mobile phones, websites, etc. – relies on DNS to accurately associate domain names with their corresponding IP addresses. To get the most out of your online interactions, shouldn’t you choose a trusted provider that has unmatched DNS experience? Enter DNS Australia’s Public DNS.

DNS Australia’s Public DNS is a free DNS service that offers improved DNS stability and security over other alternatives. And, unlike many of the other DNS services out there, DNS Australia respects your privacy. We will not sell your public DNS data to third parties nor redirect your queries to serve you any ads.

Your Current ISP tracks your internet site usage via DNS therefor they are able to review, see and list all the websites you visit.
Changing to our DNS servers. Your ISP will not be able to track, view and log the sites you visit without needing to pay for a VPN service.
Your surfing will become fully anonymous! Without any cost!

How Does DNS Work

The domain names are usually alphabetic for us to remember easily, but in actuality, the Internet works on IP addresses. The DNS converts the domain name into its corresponding IP address, each time it is used as such. The DNS has a network of its own i.e. one DNS server can ask other DNS servers about translating a specific domain name to its corresponding IP address till it gets the correct result.

Computers and other devices make use of IP address to route the traffic and it is very much similar to dialing a phone number. DNS acts as an intelligent operator that helps us bypass the infinite address book of IP addresses. Your DNS manages this huge task.

A Hyper-V server role in Windows Server lets you create a virtualised server computing environment where you can create and manage virtual machines.

We Only Use Ultra fast RAID 10 PCIE SSD server storage performance
No sluggish mechanical drive RAID 5s | Gone Forever! | Pheeeew!

How an Alternative DNS Service Can Speed Up Your Web Browsing & Internet Name Resolution

Your tortoise-like internet speed isn’t always your Internet Service Provider’s fault, instead, it may be your DNS’s fault. So why not use an alternative DNS service such as ours? As the present web pages continue to become more and more complex by inculcating innumerable things. So, clients go for multiple DNS lookups for rendering one single web page. With the continuous growth in web, the existing DNS infrastructure is under more load each day.

We also use GEO DNS traversal to make sure your device uses the closest and fastest DNS server to the website you are visiting for best page loading speeds

Clustered Windows 2012 Servers

Our Fast DNS Servers Australia

Fast Link Speed | Ping | Latency | 1000Mbps DNS Connection Link

Melbourne Core

Sydney Core

Brisbane Core

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Our servers are hosted on a high speed data center internet T1 link across our three data centers
We have also optimised our DNS servers for console gaming on Xbox and PlayStation.
Servers are also optimised for large organisational use to use on your company network.

Free DNS Hosting 
Free DNS Hosting Australia

Our DNS is one of the Fastest In Australia For Gaming Consoles. Great Ping Times

Xbox & Playstation Multiplayer DNS Servers

Optimised Xbox & Play Station Gaming DNS Servers


Huge DNS Record Cache
We don’t store old stale DNS records

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Recent Hot Articles

Content removal via DNS

Internet Content Removal Australia

When it comes to Internet content, copywrite laws protect your work from being copied or ripped off. Copywrite laws are in place to protect the consumer. It doesn’t matter if you are writing for a blog, article, or website. You have to be careful with what you submit and you need to follow these laws. Here is a simple explanation of what these laws are all about and how to avoid getting sued by the major search engines.

When a search engine user types in a word or phrase that is infringing on copyrights, the search engine sends a signal to the website owner. Reputation management Australia is a great service to approach if the website owner doesn’t remove the offending content within a reasonable amount of time, the search engine will send the law firm of Copywrite laws to the owner’s site and warn them that their content has been copyrighted. The warning isn’t meant to scare you, it is intended to warn you that if they don’t take down the content, then you could be liable for many things including legal fees and out of pocket expenses.

Here are some more issues you should be aware of: If a search engine indexes your site, it can use any of its content that it finds as long as it does not alter the work in any way. That means if the original author filed for a patent and the search engine indexes your site based on that filing, you could be in serious trouble. In fact Google has sued people for doing just this. If a search engine indexes an article you wrote for purposes of building a website around it, you could be held liable for re-publishing the article whether or not you obtained permission. 


New Medical Hosting And DNS Service Launches May 2021

Medical Hosting Australia – Medical Web Hosting and Domain Names

DNS Australia and Domain Registration DNS combined has decided to finally make the move to branch out into the healthcare and medical industry. Australia does not have a whole lot of choice when it comes to selecting a dedicated medical web hosting service. In fact when searching within some of the largest well known search engines such Bing, Yahoo and Google their does not seem to be much choice in respect to a dedicated healthcare hosting and domain name service specifically targeted to cater for this industry. Healthcare and it’s related technolgies has boomed over the past 5 years and especially since the introduction of the Covid-19 virus into our daily lives. It’s been identifed that the need for storing and hosting medical data remotly in the cloud has greatly increased since the covid outbreak therefore preperations are underway to lauch our new arm “Medical Hosting Australia” which aims to deliver cost effective secure web hosting, virtual private servers, online cloud storage and DNSSEC enabled private DNS servers that will complies with the Australian privacy act.

In todays world healthcare providers really need to have a website for their medical practice or healthcare company. Medical practice websites is how you publish information about yourself, the different conditions that you are treating and your practice which is the best way for patients and future patients to easily communicate healthcare providers online.

Our new Medical Hosting and DNS service is designed to focus on.

1. Resources and Features Necessary to Support a Healthcare Service
2. Fast Load Speeds
3. Fast Data Storage Speeds
4. High Level of Security
5. Auditing Capabilities
6. SSL Encryption
7. Domain Privacy
8. Domain locking
9. Secure DNS (DNSSEC)
10. Virtual Private Servers


How does DNS work

How does the DNS system work

DNS is a system that resolves common domain names into there respective IP addresses

Help Understanding DNS Lookups - Infographic - rackAID